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Education For All
Computer education is must for all now a days. Every one schould be aware how to use a computer in his daily life.Common Money Education Programe is designed to develop skill by learning computer education on line. Just see the syllabus given below, how much you are going to learn here. This is totaly free. Common Money is not taking any peyment for spreading education programe. Now it is upto thoroughly and use wisely.



Introduction to Computers

1.What are computers?

2.What can Computers do?

3.Types of computers

4. Parts of Computer

5. Different Storage devices

6. Storing and retrieving data from storing devices

7. Identification of Input and output devices

8. Types of Printers

9. Introduction to trouble shooting in reference to Connectivity

10. Introduction to trouble shooting in reference to Hardware / Software

11. Setting of basic properties of Monitor and Printer

12. Knowledge Check Points

13. Hands on Activities

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